This Wonderful Town Is Found Close To The Red Sea Coast. Here You’ll Get To See Sea Turtles And Sea Cows And Wonderful Coral Reefs. Marsa Alam Likewise Gives Jumping Locales To Those Inquisitive About Plunging Experiences. You’ll Even Be Prepared To Appreciate Grill Meals At The Bedouin Town.


Places To Go To


Wadi Gemal Close To Hamata Marsa Alam

Known As The Valley Of Camels, You’ll Discover A Gazelle During This City.Its Park Is 7,450 Km2. It’s Produced Using Stunning Acacia Trees And Mangroves. More Than 1200 Types Of Fish And 450 Types Of Corals Are Frequently Found Here.

Hamata Island

You Can Take A Visit Through The Three Virgin Islands And You’ll Go Snorkelling. On Head Of The Island,You’ll Discover The Disaster Area Of A 65m Long Freight Vessel .


Sataya Reef

Known As Dolphin Reef, You’ll Locate This Colorful Excellence At The South-Eastern Tip Of The Anger Shallow Jumping Zone Of Marsa Alam. It’s Formed Kind Of A Pony Shoe. Beneath The Sea Level, You’ll Discover Parrotfish, Spanish Dancers,Fusiliers And White Tips. On This Island, You’ll Get The Opportunity To Make A Plunge And See Different Ocean Warm Blooded Animals Etc. Go With Your Suntan Cream, A Camera That Is Good With Water And A Binocular And Swim Swear.


Port Ghalib

This Port Might Be A Recently Built Marina With Wonderful Houses, Pleasant Food Court And Fascinating Bars For Recreation And Pleasure . This Area Is Incredible For Those Inquisitive About Water Sports Like Swimming, Plunging, And Fidgeting With Dolphins. While At This You’ll See Mammoth Turtles Submerged. This Port Additionally Offers Safari Camel Rides To Vacationers.

Elphinstone Reef

This Reef Offers One Among The Planet’s Most Exciting Plunge Spots For Admirers Of Remote Sea Jumping. You Get The Opportunity To Have A Sample Of The Pleasantness And Peril With Corals, Fishes And Sharks. The Unquestionably Progressively Perilous Pieces Of The Reefs Are Just Friendly Experienced Divers.The Stogie Shaped Reef Has Additionally Collapsed.


Marsa Mubarak

This Narrows Is Discovered South Of Port Ghalib Marsa Alam. This Spot Is Generally Visited By A Dugong And A Green Marine Turtle . It’s Likewise Alluded To As A Most Loved Goal For Jumpers And Swimmers. Its Most Sizzling Jumping Locales Incorporate South Nursery, Just Seagrass,North Divider And North Nursery.


 Sharm Elluli

Sharm Elluli Involves A Tidal Pond And A Sea Shore. At The Point When The Tide Isn’t Elevated, It’s Anything But Difficult To Experience The Waters. It’s Additionally Encircled By A Rugged Area From Behind. Abstain From Swimming Without An Actual Existence Vest Here On The Off Chance That You Remember You Aren’t A Specialist Swimmer. Also,It Is Prudent To Evade This Spot On Breezy Days. You’ll Most Unquestionably Not Celebrate On Breezy Days As Sand Would Get At You, The Profundity Of The Water Won’t Be Entirely Noticeable, And In This Way The Tide Will Be Elevated.


Marsa Shoona Bay

This Is Additionally One Among The Chief Excellent Sea Shores In Marsa Alam. The Fun Is A Piece Of Marsa Shoona Is That It’s A Peaceful Climate Since It Doesn’t Generally Draw In A Group So In The Event That You Might Want A Lone Spot To Unwind, Do This Spot Out. Umbrellas, Washrooms And Parlors Are Accommodated On The Seashore. There’s A Variety Of Fishes Including Crocodile Fishes, Clownfish, Coral Gobies, Pipefish And So On